Battery Mounting Brackets

New to the TRS accessories range are battery mounting brackets.


2017: TRS are now a trading name of Certex UK

TRS are pleased to announce that as of 6th January 2017, they are now a trading name of Certex UK, part of the Axel Johnson International Group of companies


2017: Wire Toops

There does appear to be a bit of misunderstanding around the implementation of the wire tow loop regulations. It is only a recommendation, not a mandatory requirement for all vehicles. Championships are able to adopt the new regulation as mandatory if they wish to, and if this is written into their Championship Regulations then it will be a requirement for vehicles in that championship. However, if it is not specified in the Championship Regulations then it is not a mandatory requirement.

To ensure drivers have a choice, TRS will be offering both fabric and wire tow loops for the 2017 season.


Stainless Steel Military and Marine Spec Buckle

TRS' QRB is ideal for motorsport, marine and military harnesses. This is is because all of the metal internals are produced from heat treated stainless steel material.


Wrapping Around the Roll Cage

Wrapping around the roll cage can improve safety and reduce weight. 


Marine Harnesses

Did you know that TRS are the only harness maufacture that uses a heat treated stainless steel QRB? This makes TRS harnesses the perfect choice for military and marine harness applications. TRS can also offer stainless steel harness adjusters, stainless steel harness anchorage points and stainless steel harness tongues. Contact our UK sales office to discuss stainless steel marine or military harnesses further.


New Rally Car Build?

TRS' rally pack is perfect for new car rally builds or upgrades. Consists of 2 x 6pt FIA harnesses, colour coded helmet net, spare wheel strap, map pocket and 4m tow rope.


Military Harness or Gunner Restraint?

James welcomed existing and prospective TRS customers at the DSEI Military show to discuss military requirements.

Extractable Seats In Single Seater and Sports Cars

TRS supply many manufacturers with extractable seats for single seaters and sports cars.

Contact James for more information.


More Accessory Products

TRS have launched another two new accessory products gold heat tape and titanium exhaust wrap.

Both are available now from stock.


Accessory Products

TRS have now launched two new accessorry products a motorsport drip tray and a safety roll cage net. Both are available now.


Professional Aluminium Adjusters

The aluminium adjuster is probably the biggest advancement in harness techology since harnesses were invented.



Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass Roof Vents

TRS manufacture the market leading carbon fibre roof vent, and new for 2014, fibre glass tear drop roof vent. Both are ideal for increasing air flow into hot cockpits.

Please view the roof vents here


MSA Q19.1.3 Compliant Tow Loops

TRS tow loops are compliant to Blue Book rule Q19.1.3 and are available from stock. Manufactured from red 5000Kg webbing, the TRS tow loop is the original and best tow loop available.

Please view the TRS tow loops in the accessory range 


Social Media

TRS are now on social media. Keep upto date with the latest TRS news by following us on our Twitter page  and by liking us on our Facebook page, Instagram, Linkedin


MSA Compliant Web Cutting Knives that satisfy MSA rule change R 48.10.11.

TRS web cutting knives are MSA compliant and meet the new 2014 rally requirement R 48.10.11

"Belt cutter(s) must be carried on board at all times. Both driver and co-driver must be able to reach a belt cutter when seated with their harness fastened"

Please view the harness web cutting knives here


Hi Visibility Tow Loop Colour

Hi visibility yellow tow loops are now available from stock. Manufactured from 5000Kg hi visibility yellow webbing, the TRS tow loop is the original and best tow loop available.

Please view the new hi visibility tow loops in the accessory range 


New FIA Hologram Stickers in production

TRS endorse the FIA’s fight against counterfeited safety products and support the FIA’s introduction of a uniquely numbered  FIA hologram sticker sewn to the left hand shoulder strap of every FIA harness. All TRS harnesses are manufactured in England and all 2013 onwards TRS FIA approved harnesses carry the FIA Hologram.


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