And we don’t stop at motorsport harnesses, TRS also manufacture harnesses, lashing, tow loops for all types of markets that require individuals to be restrained safely. Harnesses which are approved for motorsport also meet the stringent safety requirements for other industries.

TRS have manufactured for the following industries:

Film and Movie Harnesses

TRS harnesses have being used in a variety of film projects, both on screen and behind the scenes where TRS harnesses were used in stunt vehicles. Our film harnesses are manufactured to exactly the same standard as our motorsport harnesses.

Harnesses for the movie industry can be supplied with various types of branding. We can also offer a fast turn around for any urgent film products. TRS can also offer a fast turn around service for urgent film projects – and we have the capacity to manufacture and deliver the same day for the really urgent film jobs.

If you are film studio or prepare stunt vehicles for TV work, contact TRS for a competitive quote for your next project.

Film Movie Harness

Marine Harnesses

TRS also manufacture harnesses for the Marine industry. Harnesses for marine can be supplied with various different branding to suit all boat types

Marine Harnesses 2

Below is an image of a recent fit-out of a 24m Wind Farm Support Vessel with marine spec 4pt harnesses
Marine Project Wind Farm Vessel

Fairground Ride & Theme Park Harnesses

With health & safety on the agenda and the recent documents around guidance on health and safety within the fairground and themepark sector, we are proud to announce that our harnesses meet the required legislation to ensure safety for all amusement and theme park users.

Fairground harnesses 2

Military Harnesses

If you're looking for a harness to perform in the most challenging climates see our nascar range. The lever latch function features a simple and robust buckle which is designed to remain operable even in muddy and dirty environments

Military Harnesses 1

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