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Homologation Standards


TRS Motorsport is proud to have multiple approvals in standards (homologations) and qualty assurances to set specifications of safety harness, driver restraint assemblies, window nets and accessories.


The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) is a federation that represents motor car companies and motor car users.  It is globally known and regonised, and is the governing body for world famous Motoring events such as Formula 1, Formula E, The World Rally Championship and the World Endurance Championship to name a few.

Please see below PDF documentation relating to the standards to which our FIA approved Safety Harnesses are accredited.

FIA Standard 8853-2016


pdfFIA STANDARD 8853-2016 Safety Harnesses



FIA Rules 8854/98


pdfFIA STANDARD 8854-98 Safety Harness

The SFI (The SFI Foundation Inc. based in the USA) Is a Not for profit organization who serves the motorsport industry with a system of developing and administering standards, certifications and test.  The SFI serves vehicle manufacturers, consumers, sanctioning bodies, racers, government agencies and more.  

Please see below PDF documentation relating to the quality assurance specifications to which our SFI (commonly Nascar driver restraint assemblies) safety harnesses, seat belts window nets and other accessories are approved too.


SFI Specification 16.1 Driver Restrain Assemblies


pdfSFI Spec 16.1 Driver Restraints 05-01-08


SFI Specification 27.1 Window Nets


pdfSFI Spec 3.3 Driver Accessories 06-11-12


SFI Specification 3.3 Driver Accessories


pdfSFI Spec 27.1 Window Nets 10-11-06



Motorsport UK Safety Harness Installation Guidance


If you wish to purchase equipment which needs to be certified under a particular accreditation, please check the Specifications Table under the term 'Homologation' to see which standard the product is applicable too.  You can also select product by their respective catergories - FIA Approved, Nascar (SFI) Approved and ECE (Road Approved).


If you feel unsure what product will suit you best.  Feel free to contact our sales team who will assit you.

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