What is a Hans Device?

The HANs (Head and Neck Support) is a device which connects a racing drivers helmet to a shoulder mount which connects to the drivers safety motorsport harness.  The device's purpose is to reduce the movement of the head and neck in relation to the body.  The benefit of this is reduced injury from impact from common injuries such as whip lash to more service head (Basilar skull fractures) and neck injuries as the Hans device reduces unneccessary neck forward motion.  There are also hybrid versions which may also limit the left and right movement of the head and neck during side impacts.  


Note: Not all helmets are compatible as standard, for harnesses it is easier to fit a hans device if the harness is designed with a Hans device taken into consideration.  This is achieved with a 2" (inch) rather than 3" shoulder strap, to allow for easier fitment of the tethers.

Please find below the Hans Device Quick Start Guide for fitting to your helmet.

pdfThe HANS Device Quick Start Guide


What is a FHR Device?

The FHR (Front Head Restraint) fulfils the same purpose as a Hans device, its name is not disimilar to how in the UK we commonly call a vacumm cleaner a Hoover as the brand name became synonymous with domestic vacumms cleaners.  Hans is a registered trade mark and as such its name is only used on endorsed products.  The FHR devices purpose is to reduce injury as a result of head and neck movement in a motor racing impact.  This is down with the FHR device which sits on the drivers shoulders and connects via tethers to the drivers helment and the drivers motorsport safety harness.  


It is mandatory to use a FHR device in specific motorsports events such as the majority of MSA National Events.  You should always check the Homologation sticker on any item your purchase to ensure it fulfills the requirement to race such as the FIA Standards 8858-2002 and FIA 8858-2010.


Please find below driver guidance on FHR


pdfFrontal Head Restraint Guide 2016





If you feel unsure wheather a FHR or Hans device is right for you.  Feel free to contact our sales team who will assit you.

Click here for our contact details.


Alternatively for FHR you can contact the MSA Technical Dept. on 01753765000 or email technical@msauk.org

and for Hans you can contact Hans on www.hansdevice.com or call on 17704571046 (USA based telephone number).





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