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Window Net Non Welding Kit


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Part Number 23K0120
  • Fast release window net fixing kit supplied complete with fixing brackets
  • Press button release
  • Supplied with weld on and non weld on mounting kits
  • Black webbing only supplied with non weld on mounting kit
  • Made in England Suitable for use with TRS' standard rectangle and quarter light window nets
  • Rod lengths 755mm for top (with buckle) , 890mm for bottom (plain) rod

  • Attach tongue to the roll cage, either weld on house clip(tie wrap) (top of the age)
  • Thread rod with press button through top of the window net
  • Thread L brackets through the rod which doesn’t have the quick release on and these can be hose clipped or tie wrapped to the cage (on the bottom of the cage)
  • Use web and 3 bar slides on the plain rod to secure the rod to the cage as a back up method.
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